Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Still missing

Christian Science Monitor Jill Carroll has been held hostage in Iraq for one month. She has all but dropped out of the news here. Elsewhere, people are rallying to support her:

In Europe, meanwhile, Carroll's plight has been gaining attention in recent days. First, a large poster of Carroll's photo has been hung outside the city hall in Rome, where it will reportedly remain until she is found. Today, a demonstration in Paris urged support for Carroll's eventual release.

Actress Juliette Binoche and former French hostage Florence Aubenas were involved in the Paris event, according to Reporters Without Borders, which staged the demonstration to mark the one-month anniversary of Carroll's abduction.

The group released 30 white balloons from the human rights esplanade at Trocadero, overlooking the River Seine, to mark each of Carroll's 30 days in captivity, according to the organization's Web site. Reporters Without Borders secretary-general Robert Ménard told the group that it was "essential to demonstrate." "Thirty-seven journalists have been kidnapped since the start of the war in Iraq in March 2003," he added. "Five of them losing their lives."

Why do Europeans care more about this than Americans do?