Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Judy Judy Judy

If it's true what they're saying and Judy Miller has secured a $1.2 million book deal, there are so many layers of self-delusion involved not even the inevitable huge remainder pile will begin to jar her and her editor friend back to reality. I just don't get it. Is Miller dumb enough to think she is really some kind of First Amendment heroine from days of yore? And I thought publishing houses had to rigorously hew to the bottom line these days. But no.

The basic problem is no one will want to read such a book. I sure won't. It will be deathly dull and self-righteous. Some people will rush to check the index for their own names. Lou Dobbs will interview her again. But that's about it. Miller is about as unsympathetic a public figure as you could hope to find, the possible exceptions being Bush, Cheney, Libby, Rove, Novak, Ann Coulter ... never mind. Suffice it to say she is unsympathetic. Brittle, arrogant. She also has no apparent capacity for self-reflection. You know she's never going to come clean on her role pushing Chalabi and WMDs - any more than Cheney is. Her 85 days in prison were over something nobody understood or cared about. The whole exercise was apparently quite pointless, and in the process she has selfishly squandered the principle she claimed to be upholding in an attempt to turn herself into a martyr.

There is an interesting story to be written here, but Miller is not the one to write it.