Monday, October 03, 2005

Bush is so over

With the nomination of Harriet Miers we see the Bush presidency imploding before our eyes. From the outside it is a baffling choice. She will not wow liberals. She will piss off conservatives. It's dispiritedness all around! It's kind of nice that there will be no grand, world shaking ideological battle over the Supreme Court, but in some ways this is worse - there will be a debate over basic competence, mediocrity and cronyism, all of the things that brought the nation so low in the response to Katrina.

Bush appears to have gone into an angry, defensive crouch. Has he lost his touch for politics and withdrawn into a state of pure churlishness, nominating a friend because he has so few of them, a crony just to stick it to ... well, everybody? Andrew Sullivan thinks so:

The one thing that could motivate him to appoint a crony as obviously unqualified as Miers is precisely to stick a finger in the eye of those accusing him of cronyism. Tell him we need more troops in Iraq? It's the one thing he won't do. Tell him he's a big spender? We get: "It's going to cost whatever it costs." Tell him he has botched the Iraq occupation? He'll give the architects Medals of Freedom. There's an adolescent streak of pure willfulness in the man. He cannot and will not self-correct. If pushed into a corner, he will simply repeat the error in order to prove himself immune to criticism.

It's going to be a long three years.