Thursday, August 04, 2005

Who is the Democratic Grover Norquist?

Mark Schmitt makes a lot of sense in this post - there is no point in Democrats trying to emulate Grover Norquist in terrorizing party moderates in the name of discipline and unity:

...Norquist's merciless treatment of moderate Republicans is not going to be a legacy that he or his allies will be proud of. By forcing the moderates to toe the Club for Growth line, he and his allies may have won some battles, but they will surely regret it in the long run. By placing these moderates in incredibly awkward positions, he has made them even more vulnerable than Bush alone has already made them. And when Democrats make gains in 2006 and later, it will be the moderates who are first to go, with Chris Shays of Connecticut among others joining Maryland's Connie Morella in early retirement. Or, Norquist will succeed in replacing these moderates with more pliant conservatives who will be even more vulnerable in their districts, such as Mike Ferguson of New Jersey.

Also, the idea of a Democratic version of Norquist - who is of course as nutty as they come, even if he knows how to organize the grassroots and toss off soundbites - is truly frightening. I assume that the Democrats who yearn for their own Grover want someone with the organization skills, but not the radical ideology. At least I hope so. Who are the potential Grovers out there, anyway?