Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Intelligent Design vs. Darwin everywhere 24/7

If we must endure the idiocy of the Bush/Frist teach-all-points-of-view position on evolution in the public square, Christopher Hitchens says, let's just take their argument to its logical conclusion:

If we take the president up on his deceptively fair-minded idea of "teaching the argument," I think we could advance the ball a little further in other directions also. Houses of worship that do not provide space for leaflets and pamphlets favoring evolution (not necessarily Darwinism, which is only one of the theories of evolution and thus another proof of its scientific status) should be denied tax-exempt status and any access to public funding originating in the White House's "faith-based" initiative. Congress should restore its past practice of giving a copy of Thomas Jefferson's expurgated Bible—free of all incredible or supernatural claims—to each newly elected member. The same version of the Bible should be obligatory for study in all classes that affect to teach "divinity."

Hitchens also makes the quite sensible suggestion that you can "teach the controversy" - in a history or social studies class. And when you do, the anti-evolutionists of the past 150 years inevitably end up looking silly.