Friday, August 12, 2005

Crush! Kill! Destroy! Cindy Sheehan!

Here's a good critique of the right-wing attacks on Cindy Sheehan - the ridiculous, Rovian drumbeat of "charges" and "questions" about her character and her motivations:

Something else about this story that infuriates me is the vision of feckless, smarmy smearsters and cowards hiding behind keyboards in cities like Washington and New York (and yes, Miami), punching out electronic missives in a pathetic and desperate attempt to impugn the integrity of a woman sitting in the dust and August heat of Texas---a woman who, along with her dead son, embodies everything that's right about this country. The growing division between the professional class of spinning punditry and the vast expanse of Middle America that actually does the working, the fighting and the dying so the pundits can spend their time chattering has never been more clear than with this story.

It's rule number one in politics today: Anyone whose criticism of the president has some credibility and gets attention must be automatically, robotically smeared by elements of the right-wing echo chamber. It's stupid and it doesn't really help Bush. In this case it's hurting him. Common decency dictates you don't go out and slime grieving mothers - even if they do make friends with Michael Moore. So I think the Cunning Realist is correct: the right has crossed a line and lost its claim to a common touch here.

One can only hope this means that the everything-is-politics-and-thus-fair-game MO is finally running its course.