Thursday, July 14, 2005

Subtle seductions are the best kind

Just in time for Harry Potter VI, it’s official – the pope disapproves. Or at least he did, back when he was Cardinal Ratzinger:

"It is good that you shed light and inform us on the Harry Potter matter, for these are subtle seductions that are barely noticeable and precisely because of that deeply affect (children) and corrupt the Christian faith in souls even before it (the Faith) could properly grow," said Cardinal Ratzinger.

Setting aside the basic ridiculousness, this pronouncement, made in a letter to an anti-Potter activist, sounds pretty tossed-off – a passing sop to a supporter on a minor issue. Harry Potter, another wave in the ocean of decadent secularism sweeping European and American Catholics away from their faith. I-Pods, hip hop, the Internet or Owen Wilson would have done just as well. Heck, he's probably got a form letter in his laptop:

Most esteemed and dear ----,
Thanks for your kind letter of June 12, as well as your pamphlets and the fruit basket. The Hilary Duff matter has lately weighed heavily upon us, so we are grateful you are able to illuminate this further for us. These insidious currents are indeed a phantom menace that plies the youthful soul.
Sincere Greetings and Blessings,
Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger