Sunday, July 17, 2005

Reality begins to bite back

This strikes me as true - Karl Rove's lawyer seems not to know what he's doing, at least with regard to media coverage and more generally, his public posture toward Fitzgerald's investigation.

How can the foremost political/media manipulator of our day have such maladroit representation?

Of course, he may just have picked the wrong guy. But I think it goes a bit deeper. Howard Fineman perceptively notes that the erasure of the line between partisan politics and national security is what led to this whole mess in the first place. Doubtless Rove's assumption going forward is that legal peril can be dealt with as a political problem as well. But for the first time really, the Rove machine is brushing up against a true bright line - the possibility of criminal indictment. This is a reality that can't be controlled, redefined or spun away. And it's obviously causing some consternation behind the scenes and missteps in front of the cameras.