Saturday, July 02, 2005

Memin Pinguin update

Those racist Mexican stamps are flying out of the post office faster than they can be printed:

Crowds of Mexicans lined up at post offices on Friday to buy a new set of stamps featuring a 1940s black comic-book hero whose stereotypical looks and antics have been slammed as racist in the United States.

Some 400 people, from comic fans to Mexicans simply wanting to defy the White House, descended on Mexico City's main post office. Media reports said one bought 4,000 stamps of Memin Pinguin, a mischievous black boy whose thick lips, flat nose and monkey-like antics have offended U.S. civil rights groups.

This has more to do with Mexican contrariness towards U.S. scolding than with racism. A tough call for the left - does anti-imperialism trump multiculturalism here?