Thursday, July 07, 2005

The long run

James Pinkerton has a good take on the broader implications of the Cooper/Miller situation. Over the past generation, the right has brought down the mainstream media. Over the past five years, the right has institutionalized a powerful government that disdains transparency. I don't like these things, and at some point the right will decide it doesn't like them either - because political power is transitory, and a weak press and government-on-steroids is a recipe for capriciousness:

The decline of the MSM has led to the rise, in terms of relative power, of the federal government. And while the institutional Right might be happy about that as long as George W. Bush is president, surely everyone who leans starboard will feel differently when, say, President Hillary Rodham Clinton sits atop the commanding heights of state power. If a right-leaning Federal Communications Commission can use "decency" as a hammer against Howard Stern today, what's to stop an imaginative lefty lawyer from smashing Rush Limbaugh tomorrow?