Saturday, July 02, 2005

Curb your dog in Korea or else

Via Marginal Revolution, Another example of digital technology used as an instrument of social pressure:

Woman doesn't clean up her dog's mess — blog infamy ensues
In Korea, a woman's dog crapped on the train. When people on the train asked her to clean up the mess, she became belligerent.

Within hours, she was labeled gae-ttong-nyue (dog-shit-girl) and her pictures and parodies were everywhere. Within days, her identity and her past were revealed. Request for information about her parents and relatives started popping up and people started to recognize her by the dog and the bag she was carrying as well as her watch, clearly visible in the original picture.

In an era of net-driven self-exposure and shamelessness, it is interesting (but not particularly encouraging) to see the Internet and the "swarming" capabilities of digital gadgetry used in the service of shaming someone.