Thursday, July 14, 2005

Coming soon: McCain in "Dodgeball II"

This morning, I clicked on Drudge. The headline read "MCCAIN STARS IN BOOB RAUNCH FEST." No link, no explanation. Okay. I'm embarrassed to say I kept clicking. A couple of minutes later, he posted a photo of John McCain over the headline. Oh, that McCain. After that, he slapped in an image of a poster for The Wedding Crashers - the Owen Wilson/Vince Vaughn boob raunch fest in question, and then - finally - a link to content: McCain boasted about a cameo appearance in the movie and had at some earlier point criticized Hollywood for producing too many boob raunch fests!

This was an unusual alignment of Drudgian obsessions: right-wing cultural politics, McCain hatred, Hollywood excess. With one welcome, non-Drudgian addition: facts. So it was actually funny and had a real point.

But why is Drudge - who routinely acts a conduit for White House attacks - not paying much attention to the story of the day, the Rove imbroglio? Didn't he get the Mehlman memo? Shouldn't he be soldiering on, trashing Wilson/Plame and misleading the public along with Hannity, Gingrich and the rest? Perhaps this is a deliberate distraction. If you think too much about the GOP defense of Rove, it doesn't hold up that well. So why bother to defend Rove - something that will only sow doubt among the faithful - when you can trash McCain, clearing the way for Jeb in 2008?