Friday, July 01, 2005

But officials caution it could take years to train the forces necessary to maintain the rule of law

Via Althouse, via Memeorandum, from the Australian: Spanish men are now going to be required by law to share housework equally. This trend extends all the way from the long arm of the law to the buttons on consumer appliances:

Attempts to blast Spanish males out of their cosy reliance on women as girlfriends, wives, chefs, cleaners, childcarers and custodians of the elderly include technological changes to household appliances. The latest washing machine, named "Your Turn", prevents the same person - typically a wife and mother - from using the appliance consecutively by adopting fingerprint recognition technology.

There they go again, those wacky Spaniards! But when you get socialism + consumerism + technology, you've got to wonder where it's all heading. Cloud Atlas, a terrifically entertaining novel I read last year, featured a socialist consumerist dystopia set in a future Korea, where the state keeps people under its thumb with, basically, computer games and lots and lots of shopping. There are a lot of ways to organize societies. Hard as it may be to believe, some of the worst ones haven't been tried yet.