Tuesday, June 28, 2005


First Tigger, Now Piglet.

People are dead. Must ... resist ... urge ... to make ... a joke ... here.

So, I guess Eeyore finally went postal.

OK - sorry. More appropriately respectful material follows.

Referencing my post below, when Brad or Angelina voice an animated character, people don't care. What makes them stars is the whole package - voice, face, body, movement, attitude, etc. Remove one or more of those things, and whatever hold they have on the public imagination disappears. But for some actors, the synergy of voice and animated character is so strong that they - or rather, their voices - make an impression on the whole culture. Both of these men had long, successful careers that reached far beyond their parts in one Disney franchise. Paul Winchell (whose show, featuring his ventriloquist talents, I watched as a kid in the 1960s) was a genuine renaissance man who invented an artificial heart. But what lingers is their voices.

I'm sure Disney is now scouring the casting agencies for imitators. But it won't be the same. Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd are still around, but since Mel Blanc died they don't sound quite right, like they're trying a little too hard.