Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Forgive me for returning repeatedly to this subject, but watching Bill Frist’s halting maneuvers is one of those train-wreck-in-slow-motion things. In this case, it’s taking place over a period of years. But the trend line is unmistakable. He won't win the GOP nomination.

Today, Frist announced he was done with the Bolton nomination, that it was pointless to hold more votes on it. Basically, he acknowledged a political reality. Then he met with Bush -- with predictable results.

Given that Frist is a wholly-owed White House subsidiary, he should have checked with his West Wing masters before making any kind of a policy statement regarding Bolton – especially a sensible one, anathema to the Rove apparatus. Yet he didn’t – and he looks like a fool, a mere functionary and an inept one at that.

Is Frist merely absent minded? Or does he still think that he can locate his balls somewhere on his person instead of in that jar on Karl Rove’s desk?