Thursday, June 16, 2005

But Kristallnacht, that was Hitler's idea

Pope Benedict has put the beatification of the Rev. Leon Dehon, a French priest, on hold because historians have found he wrote anti-Semitic statements:

According to extracts published in the French Catholic newspaper La Croix, Dehon wrote that Jews were "thirsty for Gold" and that "lust for money is a racial instinct in them"; he called the Talmud "a manual for the bandit, the corrupter, the social destroyer"; and he recommended several measures later adopted by the Nazis, including that Jews wear special markings, live in ghettos and be excluded from land ownership, judgeships and teaching positions.

Good call, though there must be plenty of other anti-Semitic saints already canonized. In any case, whoever runs the Vatican's saint-vetting process should be fired.