Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Bush speech preaction

Marshall Wittman prognosticates on tonight's Bush speech:

We largely already know what to expect from the President tonight. Stay the course. The fight is hard. We will prevail.Don't expect to be surprised. There will be no accountability for the mistakes that have been made. Rummy is safe - leave no incompetent Secretary of Defense behind. Certainly there will be no mention of the British documents about the failure to prepare for the occupation...Nor should we expect the President to acknowledge the demands of McCain, Biden and others for the need for more troops. Jesus will return before the President suggests using some of his tax cuts to enlarge the military instead of fattening the pockets of his contributors. And this President has no credibility to call for national unity as his chief advisor is virtually questioning the patriotism of his political opponents.

Sadly, he's on target: Using Ft. Bragg as a backdrop is a sure sign we'll get more stay-the-course blather, stuff we have heard before. It is not the habit of the White House to offer substance where it thinks rhetoric will suffice. Surrounding Bush with soldiers amounts to big, mau-mauing dare to administration foes to criticize the president w/o appearing to be criticizing the troops.

Damn, this sounds cynical. Or it would, if you are in the habit of taking everything Bush says at face value. But it's just realism.