Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Don't you write her off like that

Marshall Wittman says that it's too early to write off Hillary Clinton - that it makes no difference if she's a magnet for wingers' vitriol:

The ugly truth is that if Jesus of Nazareth himself returned and dared to run on the Democratic line the righteous right would tar him as a bleeding heart vagabond who couldn't hold a job and that he needed a shave. No doubt a Galilee Fishingboat Veterans for Truth outfit would call into question Jesus' miracle claims - financed with lavish funding from Rove's buddies in Texas and maximum exposure on Fox News. Just imagine the book - "Unfit to Save".

Good point. It will be a mudfest whatever Democrat is the nominee. The question is, will the MSM wise up, or will they abet the VRWC - as they did for a long interval with the Swift Boat Vets story, Christmas in Cambodia, etc.? Hillary Clinton's bio is already strewn with small scandals - many imaginary, some semi-real (not that the distinction matters). Remember the White House travel office? The missing Rose Law Firm documents? Vince Foster? Whitewater? There's probably a special counsel still out there somewhere with her name tatooed on his knuckles. These will all take on new life, tailored to question Clinton's character and ability to lead.