Sunday, April 24, 2005


Hello. Just getting started here. Not quite live yet. My hope is to make this a good read - a mixture of political commentary, personal and family misadventures, and the existential quandaries of bourgeois midlife. Yes, I know it is territory amply covered by others. But I may have something new to add. We'll see.

The title of this blog comes from a Zen koan: A monk comes to Joshu, an eighth-century Zen master, and says "please teach me!" Joshu says, "have you eaten your rice gruel?" "Yes," the monk says. Joshu replies: "Wash your bowl." The monk is enlightened. There are various ways to interpret this, but for me it has a great economy of wisdom - the monk is expecting some great, esoteric truth to be revealed, but Joshu brings him back to the reality in front of his face. Which is the best way to understanding, in my book.